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Innovation Zone

Innovation ZoneIrving is always on the edge of innovation, seeking out ways to make our services better, our fuels cleaner and developing products that will be important in the 21st century. Here are a few of the latest technologies that we have championed and now offer in the marketplace.


IRVision is a touch-screen media player, with volume controlling options, that is located on the front of the dispenser. It provides real-time updates on local weather, news, traffic, and sports, as well as driving tips, community events, TV clips, Irving programs, customer surveys, and ad offers.

IRVision can be found at these Irving locations:


  • 2470 Lafayette Road, Portsmouth
  • 55 Route 28 Bypass, Derry
  • 277 Mast Road, Goffstown


  • 162 Harold L. Dow Street, Eliot
  • 474 Westbrook Street, S. Portland
  • 1045 Post Road, Wells

Stop by, fuel up, and experience IRVision for yourself!

DEF Combo Pump

The combo pump dispenses both diesel and DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) from the same pump and in one transaction! Not only is it the easiest way to fill up on DEF but it's the first DEF pump in Northern New England.

DEF is an ammonia-based solution used to clean exhaust and reduce emissions from diesel vehicles. Since January 1st, 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency's tailpipe emissions standards have required heavy-duty highway trucks and buses manufactured after 2009 to meet more stringent emissions limits for NOx and particulate matter. Most heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers have added Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to their exhaust system design to meet these tougher standards. The SCR technology uses DEF to chemically reduce NOx, or smog creating emissions, to near zero. Cleaner emission means trucks and buses run cleaner, which also improves their fuel economy.

See for yourself how we're taking convenience to a whole new level! You can find the new combo pump at the following locations:


  • Kittery IRVING 24
    103 Route 1 Bypass, Exit 2
    Kittery, Maine
  • Fairfield IRVING 24
    204 Centre Rd, Exit 132
    Fairfield, Maine


  • Salisbury IRVING 24
    Hwy 2 Trans Canada Hwy, Exit 433
    Salisbury, New Brunswick
  • St. Liboire IRVING 24
    Hwy 20, Exit 147
    St. Liboire, Quebec
  • Enfield IRVING 24
    6757 Hwy 2, Exit 7
    Enfield, Nova Scotia
  • Grand Falls IRVING 24
    121 Route 255, Hwy 2, Exit 75
    St. Andre, New Brunswick

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